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Day 8: It doesn’t think. It doesn’t feel. It doesn’t give up. It Follows
Have you ever seen a movie that puts you in a weird mood and you can’t stop thinking about it for a couple of days after watching. It Follows did that for me. Naturally I think that makes it a great film and caused me to think. A great concept , well executed, that really puts you in the driver’s seat. “What would I do in that situation?” It will keep you looking over your shoulder and gives truth to the age old adage; abstinence is key.
– Tyler Sawicki | Onsight Media
I’ve seen this movie pop up on a lot of the “Best Recent” horror lists and I think that’s completely justified. The idea is new while still paying homage to classics of the 80’s and 90’s. But if you think this is just another thriller with teens defeating an evil you’d be dead wrong. They’re in a position to make hard decisions and deal with those consequences. They can’t keep running away so how do they survive the night and can they live with those decisions tomorrow? Also, these characters are so relatable I honestly felt uncomfortable watching certain scenes. As if I were watching a close friend do the you know…
-Christopher Patterson
At any art exhibit, there exists that one dangling frame that holds such a vividly morbid piece of work, that your eyes and mind won’t let you quit staring at, horrific as it is. This movie is that piece. It’s a hit-close-to-home wonder, one that truly makes you ponder what demons of your own are trailing behind in your Peter Pan shadows, and who you’re letting in.
– David Burchell
What did you think of It Follows?

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