2018 Noteworthy Horror: Haunting of Hill House

2018 Noteworthy Horror: Haunting of Hill House "It’s what lay in the greatest works of fiction, and it’s the reason why so many of us glue steadfastly, binging episode after episode, unable to look elsewhere..." -David Burchell

2018 Noteworthy Horror: Hereditary

2018 Noteworthy Horror: Hereditary "While Hereditary may start with a tense uncertainty of what’s to come, it effectively evolves into a beautifully crafted portrait of grief and how each individual learns to cope." -Chris Patterson

31 Days of Horror: Day 21 “The Thing”

Day 21: Look closely at your neighbour ... Trust no-one... Man is The Warmest Place to Hide. John Carpenter’s, The Thing I remember my dad always watching this movie when I was younger and never really getting into it but watching it now that I am older I can really appreciate it. Some of the…Read more 31 Days of Horror: Day 21 “The Thing”

Never talk to Strangers

In this world of uncertainty, there are some things in life we know to be true, and some pieces of age-old advice that we should all heed. When you live in the middle of nowhere, never, never answer the door for Strangers. The Strangers: Prey at Night dropped their first teaser, and naturally Bloody Disgusting…Read more Never talk to Strangers