Stiffed by Elvira

This is a situation that I still wish to be resolved. Having met Casandra in passing, who seemed like a cool enough person, I can only assume that she doesn’t know anything about this situation. I would expect someone of her stature to fulfill her agreements herself or through her management.


Edgar Allan Poe.
The Tomahawk Man.
Progenitor of what some may deem as horror, the psychedelia and the
psychosis and the wherewithal of the human condition, writ upon the pages
of burgeoning, and troubling, times—whilst going through his own troubling

31 Days of Horror: Day 30 “Night of the Living Dead”

31 Days of Horror: Day 30 – They keep coming back in a bloodthirsty lust for HUMAN FLESH!… If it doesn’t scare you, you’re already dead! George A. Romero’s original masterpiece, Night of the Living Dead.

31 Days of Horror: Day 21 “The Thing”

Day 21: Look closely at your neighbour … Trust no-one… Man is The Warmest Place to Hide. John Carpenter’s, The Thing I remember my dad always watching this movie when I was younger and never really getting into it but watching it now that I am older I can really appreciate it. Some of theContinue reading “31 Days of Horror: Day 21 “The Thing””